We are thrilled to present an up-to-date list of all Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum writings (and those in the making), grouped by series. Each link will take you to a list of major online retailer, from which you get/order the eBook, audiobook and/or Print copy (via Print-on-Demand - POD). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.


New Titles by Z.T. Fomum

  1. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts
  2. Power For Service
  3. The Art Of Worship
  4. Issues Of The Heart
  5. In The Crucible For Service
  6. Spiritual Nobility
  7. Roots And Destinies
  8. Revolutionary Thoughts On Spiritual Leadership
  9. The Leader And His God
  10. The Overthrow Of Principalities And Powers
  11. Walking With God (Vol. 1)
  12. God Centeredness
  13. Victorious Dispositions
  14. The Believer’s Conscience
  15. The Processes Of Faith
  16. Spiritual Gifts
  17. The Missionary As A Son
  18. You, Your Team And Your Ministry
  19. Prayer And A Walk With God
  20. Leading A Local Church
  21. Church Planting Strategies
  22. The Character And The Personality of The Leader
  23. Deliverance From The Sin of Gluttony
  24. The Spirit Filled Life
  25. The Church: Rights And Responsibilities Of The Believer
  26. Life-Changing Thoughts On Marriage
  27. Learning To Importune In Prayer
  28. Jesus Saves And Heals Today
  29. God, Money And You
  30. Meet The Liberator
  31. Salvation And Soul Winning
  32. The Salvation Of The Lord Jesus: Soul Winning (Vol. 3)
  33. Soul Winning And The Making Of Disciples
  34. Victorious Soul Winning
  35. Making Spiritual Progress (Vol. 4)
  36. Life Changing Thought On Prayer (Vol. 3)
  37. Life Changing Thought On Prayer (Vol. 4)
  38. Knowing God And Walking With Him
  39. What Our Ministry Is
  40. Practical Dying To Self And The Spirit-filled Life
  41. Leading God’s People
  42. Laws Of Spiritual Leadership
  43. From His Lips: Compilation of Autobiographical Notes on Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum
  44. The School of Soul Winners and Soul Winning
  45. The Complete Work of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Prayer (Volume 1)
  46. Knowing and Serving God (Volume 2)
  47. Walking With God (Volume 1)
  48. Esther
  49. Practical Helps in Fasting
  50. A Vessel of Honour
  51. Learning to importune in prayer
  52. The true Christian foundation
  53. The Heart Surgery for the Potential Minister of the Gospel
  54. The Qualifications of a Missionary
  55. From His Lips: Z.T. Fomum - About Himself
  56. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - About His Co-Workers
  57. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - About His Missions

Practical Helps in Sanctification

  1. Deliverance From Sin
  2. The Way Of Sanctification
  3. Sanctified And Consecrated For Spiritual Ministry
  4. The Sower, The Seed And The Hearts Of Men
  5. Freedom From The Sin Of Adultery And Fornication
  6. The Sin Before You May Lead To Immediate Death: Do Not Commit It!
  7. Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
  8. The Power Of The Holy Spirit In The Winning Of The Lost
  9. Freedom from the Sin of Stealing
  10. Freedom from the Sin of Murder
  11. Freedom from the Sin of Covetousness
  12. Deliverance from the Sin of Gluttony
  13. Freedom from the Sin of Bearing False Witness
  14. Freedom from the Sin of Anxiety and Worry
  15. Freedom from the Sins in Speech
  16. Freedom from the Undisciplined Thought Life
  17. Freedom from the Sin of the Love of Money

A Voice For Personal Spiritual Revival

  1. God Speaks to the Man Who Wants to Hear
  2. You Can Receive a Heart Free From All Idols Today
  3. The Practice of Truth in the Sexual Life
  4. The Manifestations of the Lordship of Self
  5. How to Bring People to Christ
  6. The Ministry of Fasting
  7. You Shall Receive Power
  8. The Call for Exceedingly Great Deeds
  9. Almost Saved!
  10. Those Who Will See Him
  11. The Ministry of Prayer
  12. The Marks of the Broken and the Unbroken Life
  13. The Santa Cruz Prophecy
  14. The Santa Cruz prophecy Extension: Copenhagen
  15. The Santa Cruz prophecy Extension: Brazaville
  16. The Santa Cruz prophecy Extension: London
  17. God, AIDS and You!
  18. The Marks of the New Heart
  19. When Is Adultery or Fornication Committed?
  20. Victory Through Persecution

A Voice For Signs, Wonders and Miracles

  1. Miracles in Rwanda
  2. Miracles in Ivory Coast
  3. Miracles in Gabon

The Women of the Glory

  1.  The Secluded Worshiper: The Life, Ministry, And Glorification Of The Prophetess Anna
  2. Unending Intimacy: The Transformation, Choices And Overflow of Mary of Bethany
  3. Winning Love: The rescue, development and fulfillment of Mary Magdalene
  4. Not Meant for Defeat: The Rise, Battles, and Triumph of Queen Esther

Biographical Series

  1. From His Lips: Z.T. Fomum - About Himself
  2. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - About His Co-Workers
  3. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - About His Missions
  4. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - About His Work
  5. From His Lips:  Z.T. Fomum - School of Knowing & Serving God

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